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The health and nutrition company Food Darzee, personalises customers’ food as per their nutritious requirements has newly commenced its operations in Pune.

This expansion has been planned by the young team at Food Darzee post an overwhelming response received from their launch in Mumbai since 2017. Food Darzee offers its facilities all across Pune. Currently priced at INR 223 per meal the total cost of a 30 day subscription is INR 26,775. Guests are given the option of choosing from a 3, 12, 30 and a 60 day subscription basis their requirement. Food Darzee serves its customers 4 meals a day and delivers their orders twice a day - Breakfast & Lunch with the morning delivery and Snack & Dinner with the afternoon delivery.

Currently, Food Darzee offers customers three different choices of meal options, namely; Ketogenic Diet, Flexi Meal Plan and the Low Carb High Protein Diet. These diets are recommended to customers basis their dietary preferences and fitness goals. Commenting on Food Darzee’s expansion to the Pune market, Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Co-Founder, Fitness & Nutritional Scientist – Food Darzee said, “We are absolutely delighted to commence our operations in Pune. Through the past couple of years since our inception, we have seen a lot of enquiries coming in about our availability from Pune. Finally, through a lot of efforts we have managed to set up the required logistics to service the demand from the city, flawlessly. It is our vision to expand our operations to all the major metro cities in the country and eventually move on to service a few international markets”.

He continued saying, “The fitness wave has taken India by storm. People now understand the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and the role it plays in the achievement of one’s overall fitness goals.”

Food Darzee commenced operations in Mumbai in 2017. Currently, Food Darzee has approximately 3000 active orders from 700 customers in Mumbai. The state-of-the-art and unique service provided by Food Darzee has seen many celebrities and high profile individuals sign up for their contribution.