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The Business Tycoons - Celebrate Water! Celebrate Life!
But the advent of agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, chemical revolution, and rapid urbanisation was packaged with environmental deterioration and increased risk to human habitats. In this changing scenario, drinking water lost its core structural and functional ability, thereby causing water-borne diseases, mass disorders and declined human life expectancy.
The current scenario - All water is not created equal. Whenever flowing water is processed for drinking through the use of technologies, water purification and filtration systems, the water molecules disintegrate and loses its prime life sustaining purpose and turns itself into a slow long-term poisoning.
What if the big secret were to be revealed that 100% of all health issues is deep-rooted in Dehydration + Acidosis + Hypoxia (drinking water factor) at one's own sub-cellular levels due to multifarious reasons. Is it not a common sense to delve and dig deep into your drinking water regimen? I am leaving you all to think today.
What is in my drinking water?
What is the TDS of my water source?
What is the ORP of my drinking water?
What is the structure of my drinking water?
Unlock the solutions to all the major health and immunity issues - longevity, sustainability and better health by drinking electrolyzed hydrogen-rich water.
(The author is the Founder CEO - Panacea H2O Gold, The First Water Sommelier of India and Asia accredited by the hospitality industry and Board Member - ACOHI Asian Water Research and Development Board)
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