laxmi surgicals and pharma background office  Sunil Navinchandra Khona, the Founder and present CEO of Laxmi Surgicals

Sunil Navinchandra Khona, the Founder and present CEO of Laxmi Surgicals

Laxmi Surgicals & Pharma – A Brand to Reckon With

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most thriving industries and would continue to move up the healthcare graphs, for as long as there is life the

Healthcare industry

and its integral part – the pharmaceutical sector would be an inseparable part.
Pharmaceutical industries have always been striving to improve their products or develop new ones for the wellness of the society with continuous

Research and development

. One of the most trusted pharmaceutical company that we shortlisted is

Laxmi Surgicals & Pharma

Since its inception in 2003 in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, Laxmi Surgicals & Pharma has emerged as a formidable force in the healthcare industry. Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of top tier

Surgical instruments


Medical equipment

under the reputable lamax brand in last two decades, specifically the last five years have been focussed on rapid growth all over India and



The Visionary

Sunil Navinchandra Khona, the Founder and present CEO of Laxmi Surgicals with roots in mulund - the visionary a suburb in Mumbai, where his education and his job as medical representative (MR) in alkem industries led to struggle in the

Pharmaceutical industry

and gave him the vision to form his own company. With a solid foundation, under his expertise, Laxmi Surgicals took wings and strategically expanded its operations to cater to hospitals, particularly focusing on operation theatres, establishing a robust presence across every district in


and pan india.

Healthcare – a priority

Laxmi Surgicals has always stayed ahead of the curve by extending its services towards the society before anything else. They have led the pack in several ways making them stand out from the rest in their domain. Laxmi Surgicals and pharma company
Amid the challenges posed by the covid 19 pandemic, laxmi surgicals played a pivotal role by setting up 34 PSA Oxygen Generation Plants in various locations across Maharashtra, collaborating with government agencies. post covid, the company further fortified its infrastructure by setting up its own PSA and Liquid Oxygen plants in Jalgaon, ensuring a more resilient and self sufficient system.

Ambitious Plans

looking toward the future, Laxmi Surgicals & Pharma envisions establishing itself as a globally recognized indian brand. The company's ambitious goal includes expanding its footprint into african countries, aiming to contribute significantly to healthcare sectors in those regions and solidify its presence on an international scale.