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Rohit B.C Founder & Sales Director
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Rohit B.C Founder and Sales Director Enaitech

A Legacy of Commitment to Africa

In the realm of

Business narratives



stands as a Unique story that transcends

Profit margins


Conventional success stories

. It is a tale of




, and an

Unwavering commitment

to the african continent.


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The foundation of enaictech is deeply rooted in the journey of

Shri B.S. Chandrashekar

, affectionately known as B.S.C. His journey commenced several decades ago when he was the

Overseas Head

in Nigeria at

Best & Crompton Engineering Limited

. The extraordinary 23-year tenure in


not only nurtured his career but also fostered an enduring connection to Africa. He extended his expertise to




, and


, and in total, he worked in four different

African countries

, amassing an impressive

25-year career

on the continent. He was also a


continuing the legacy a shared vision

Continuing the Legacy

The legacy of Shri B S Chandrashekar lives on through his son, Mr B C Rohit. growing up in africa alongside his father, Rohit developed an intimate understanding of the continent's needs and potential. Africa had become a second home.
Rohit, armed with over 15 years of experience in the automobile industry, recognized the power of innovation and business. He saw Africa as a land of immense opportunities, waiting to be tapped into. His vision was clear: to bridge the gap between Africa and modern technology.

A Shared Vision

ENAICTECH's story is a testament to the alignment of visionaries. Mr. Rohit shared his aspirations with his wife, H. S. Sreelakshmi, who brought her 18+ years of it experience to the table, encompassing coding, support, management, and consultancy . Together, they became the co founders of ENAICTECH Software Technologies Private Limited.
It went beyond the pursuit of profit and focused on fostering sustainable development in Africa. The company's mission is not only to provide cutting edge software solutions to businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large industries but also to collaborate with governments to support economic growth.
The commitment to Africa extends beyond just business. It seeks to give back to the communities that have welcomed them with open arms. The legacy of philanthropy continues as ENAICTECH endeavours to support underprivileged communities by providing essential resources.
Enaictech background

Charting the Path Ahead

ENAICTECH, founded by Mr. Rohit in December 2022, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of dedication to Africa. It represents a new chapter in the legacy of Shri B.S. Chandrashekar, honouring his contributions and taking them to new heights.
By connecting with people who encourage and support start-ups, ENAICTECH aims to create a brighter future for Africa.

Diverse Portfolio

ENAICTECH boasts a diverse portfolio of services designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses -
“We specialize in creating modern web applications that provide seamless user experiences and drive business growth. At Enaictech, we have expertise in adapting machine learning and implementing artificial intelligence to elevate businesses to remarkable heights. We offer unique business solutions tailored to meet your specific demands. Our AI and machine learning solutions help individuals and businesses continually improve their strategies, ensuring they stay on the right path,” shares Rohit.
The services include:
1. Software Development
2. Cloud Infrastructure Services
3. Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation
4. Business Process Management
5. Data Analytics
6. Consultation
Sreelakshmi H S Co-founder and MD in Enaitech
Digital transformation

The Visionaries

ENAICTECH Software Technologies Private Limited is a shining example of how a shared vision, driven by passion and expertise, can pave the way for transformative change. At the helm of this remarkable journey are Founder, Mr. B. C. Rohit and Co-founder, Mrs. HS sreelakshmi, a dynamic duo whose backgrounds and experiences complement each other perfectly. Rohit's extensive experience in the automobile industry provides the company with valuable insights . Sreelakshmi, with a stellar career in the IT industry armed with a computer science degree and over 17 years of experience, brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her exposure to overseas clients and travels to USA had given her a deep understanding of the global IT landscape.

The Company USP

ENAICTECH stands out in the competitive landscape due to its unique selling proposition (USP). This USP is built upon the foundation of its founders, Mr. Rohit and Mrs. Sreelakshmi, who bring together a powerful combination of vision, industry experience, and IT expertise.
In addition its diverse portfolio, digital transformation focus, customized solutions, cloud infrastructure mastery, data-driven decision-making, consultation expertise, specialized expertise, innovation in finance, mobile app excellence, inventory management mastery are the strengths that makes it a standout player in the technology landscape.
Company usp
Global Expansion Global Plans
“We are aiming to establish a strong presence in the

African continent

and our vision extends beyond borders. We are actively exploring opportunities to expand our operations globally. Our goal is to become a global technology solutions provider, offering our expertise and services to businesses around the world,” Rohit says.
Export and Import Opportunities
They are actively exploring export and import opportunities, to collaborate with international partners, exchange technological innovations, and bring their services to new markets.